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This page is not up to date!

Set up the development environment

These steps is only required if you are a developer of the Laja tool itself. Laja is currently developed by Joakim Tengstrand, so if you are not a new member of the team, you should skip this part!

Laja is a Java project that uses Maven. In this example we will set up a development environment from scratch on Ubuntu using Eclipse. Laja can run in any IDE, like IDEA, NetBeans, Eclipse or a text editor in combination with Maven.

  • Download and install the latest Java JDK.
  • Download and install the latest version of Eclipse development environment for Java.
  • Install JavaHL (if installing on Windows, you can skip this step):
 $> sudo su -
 $> apt-get install libsvn-java
  • Install the Maven plugin (Help > Install software) from site:
  • Setup Subversion, choose Window > Show view > SVN Repositories > New > Repository Location > Url:
  • Checkout the project, choose File > New > Other > Svn > Checkout Projects from SVN
    • Select: + click Next
    • Expand the node trunk and select Laja + click Next
    • Click Finish
  • New project wizard: select Java > Java Project + click Next
  • Creata a Java project:
    • Project name: Laja
    • Jre: JavaSE1.6 or higher + click Next
  • Java Settings:
    • Default output folder: Laja/target/classes + Finish
  • Switch from current perspective SVN Repository Exploring perspective to Java.
  • Wait for Eclipse to finishing Build project
  • Right click on the top node Laja [trunk/Laja] and choose Maven -> Enable Dependency Management
  • Right click on the top node again and choose Maven > Install
  • If you have compilation errors in TypelistEvaluatorTest, swith to Java 1.6 compiler (or higher):
    • Right click on the top node Laja [trunk/Laja] and choose Properties > Java Compiler > Compile compliance level: 1.6